Nov 18, 2008

I brake for Bail-Outs. Or, as someone said it better:

Save the company, lose the brain trust

November 18, 2008
    GENERAL MOTORS needs a bailout. We need its constructive capacity to work for a better America. But the management and marketing segment that has been getting it wrong for decades should face the judgment of the market. We do not need the people who dismantled the Los Angeles light rail system merely to increase the market for their inefficient products. We do not need the people who decided to profit from adding lead to gasoline, thereby poisoning our air. We do not need the people who decided to put a military vehicle on public roads. We do not need the people who helped kill the electric car.
    The stockholders have been largely wiped out, and the workers are being thrown overboard. What GM seeks to bail out intact is exactly the part that should be cut loose.
    Public monies should serve the public purpose. We need energy-efficient transportation that the country and the planet can afford.

    Nov 2, 2008

    Why I'm voting for Obama

    LOVE vs HATE.

    HOPE vs FEAR.

    The Future vs The Past.