Oct 13, 2008


Luuuuvv it! New slang from some blogger over at Daily Kos "wingnutosphere"

Oct 6, 2008

Wall St Bail-Out Gives Local Leaders Idea.

“New Albany City Council will vote on freeing funds for cash flow”

Either some bodies calculator jammed or this second emergency(what emergency? - everyday is an emergency in New Albany) appropriation in about a month looks 10 times bigger than last’s month request.  What did I miss? 

Certainly Ms Garry has a contingency plan for state revenues funneling in late?  Or a dollar amount of what it will cost on a monthly basis to pay salaries et al?   Give me a million, quick! ...so Henry Paulsen-like. 

“• A public hearing will be held and a vote taken on the additional appropriation of $250,000 to be used for storm damage clean-up.”

umm,  watched too many trees destroyed BY the street department that were fine before they took a whack at them.  Exhibit A are the locusts formerly known as trees on Market Street that I watched decimated today.   I doubt you could have none a better job of ruining a block that was slowing coming to life than that horrible hatchet job.  Whether there was storm damage to them or not, that is not the way you clean up a tree, that’s the way you kill it.  God help the Greenway.  Couldn’t all this wanton destruction’s cost be included in the $1-million on the other request just to tidy things up?  Can anybody bring some sloppy resolution for money to the council?  Quick, I have one for $50,000 to replant the trees the Mayor’s office has ordered destroyed last year.

“• Council members will meet at 6 p.m. Monday for a work session to tour the set-to-open Scribner Place/YMCA. The YMCA is scheduled to open Nov. 15.”

One more comment, cause I’m in a mood today.   It seems like a silly waste of money to pay the city council to tour to new Y.  I found the free tour offered Mon and Wed nights quite adequate and suspect that council members could easily acquaint themselves with the facility on their own time.  I’d hope their attention would be focused on budget issues with all these screaming financial issues of late. 

Oct 3, 2008

Final Day to register to VOTE in Indiana is Oct 6, MONDAY

America! This is God. I need you people to be out by the end of the week, I’ve got someone interested in the property.

(paraphased from a poster I saw in the 1960s that I’ve never forgotten cause it was so funny)

The big bail-out of 2008.

OK - another $700 billion of fresh hot-off-the-press soon-to-be-worthless dollars. Who wins? All of us! We just put off China owning our country a tiny bit longer. I personally will appreciate the extra months of freedom, albeit a false freedom. The stark raving math I”m doing shows our total debt loan as a country is so past sustainable, it’s just a matter of time before the foreign holders of that debt call it in and we can’t pay, so...

pimp my bank, take my first born and everything he will ever earn, double-down on the off-shore accounts and be ready for WWIII.

Or - make sure you are at the polls Nov 4 and vote for Obama/Biden and let’s see if there’s anyway to pull out of this crisis before everything we know is gone.