Apr 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

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Joshua Poe said...

Ms. Coyle,

I have read your blog posts and you have some really good ideas about sustainable development, stormwater management, etc....

I especially like your idea about doing a history of race relations in New Albany for the upcoming bicentennial. I have written two papers; one about Cincinnati, the other about Louisville, concerning race, class, and housing. I would like to do a similar study of New Albany as it is a history that I am interested in and (I think) needs to be publicized. I am a graduate student in urban planning and recently moved to New Albany.
I am attempting to become more involved in the community and believe that a huge part of that involves establishing a dialogue with like-minded residents with the intent to work.

My email is jipoe001@louisville.edu

I look forward to hearing from you.