Apr 14, 2010

Happy Pollen Days

Accolade® Elm purchased at Walnut Ridge Nursery April 2008. It doubled in size the first year and we suppose this year as well. What a fine tree! This cultivar was developed at the Morton Arboretum in Chicago to be resistant to Dutch Elm disease. New Albany, like most America cities 100 years ago, was heavily planted in Elm, considered the quintessential American urban tree then. Not only is it's towering vase shape appropriate for cities, but it is very LOW POLLEN. When we replace the hardwood canopy that used to keep the ground cool here, even in summer, we'll want lots of Elms. Oh, one last thing. This particular tree cost me $125 and it was small enough I planted it myself! Check out the newspaper clipping below to get an idea of what our tree will look like in 200 years.

240-year-old elm tree ‘Herbie’ to get the chop

101-year-old man has cared for sick ‘friend’ for more than half a century

Image: Frank Knight with “Herbie” the tree
Frank Knight, 101, stands in front of an elm tree known as "Herbie" in Yarmouth.
Steven Senne / AP

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